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Boasting an impressive land size of nearly 1,900 square miles, Trinidad serves as one of the largest islands classified as a Caribbean destination. It is the much larger and more populated island making up The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, lying southwest of Tobago and a mere 7 miles from the coast of Venezuela. Trinidad is a popular destination for tourists, as well as expats from the world over who love the local culture.

The landscape of Trinidad varies from sandy beaches to lush, mountainous interiors, thick with rainforests, beautiful flora and fauna as well as cities that boast old world charm, historical artifacts and modern amenities. Many consider Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival Celebration to be second to only Rio de Janiero. If you’re looking to get away from the North American winter, there is certainly good reason to visit Trinidad during the Lenten season.

Trinidad Resorts and Accommodations

Diversity reigns in Trinidad and Tobago culture. Imagine a mixture of cultures similar to what you’d find in New York City, and then place it on a tropical island with unmolested beauty and beaches. Perhaps the analogy is lacking, but you will find nearly every culture imaginable in this island nation. The diversity also branches to accommodations, where you’ll find resorts and bungalows tucked into the trees of a hillside, as well as on the beaches that you won’t soon get enough of.

Hotels and resorts such as the trusted name of Hyatt Regency Trinidad will provide a wonderful place to soak in the sun while relaxing on the beach. This Port of Spain, Trinidad hotel will also serve as a great jumping off point for fantastic island adventure.

Things to Do in Trinidad

Consider a few of the following activities that are unique to Trinidad.

Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary

For lovers of the great outdoors, and those who aren’t intimidated by a real swamp environment, this natural sanctuary is a sight to behold. As the name suggests, there are several species of birds to see, and possibly even interact with. Additionally, there are also those creatures which love the swamp area, including reptiles and some wild looking insects.
Gasparee Caves

Located on Gaspar Grand Island, off the northwestern shore of Trindad—not far from Port of Spain—the Gasparee Caves are an incredible natural formation. There are beautiful, aquamarine pools in the some of the cave rooms—windows to deep, underwater caves leading to the outlying sea.

Grande Riviere Leatherback Turtles

Between March and August, enormous, endangered leatherback turtles crawl out of the sea in order to nest and lay their eggs on the beaches of Grande Riviere. The best way to take in this annual phenomenon is by booking a great room near Grand Riviere Bay. You may need to stay up late, or get up early, but there’s an excellent chance you’ll have the opportunity to see one of these majestic reptiles continuing the cycle of life.

Trinidad: A Brief History

Possessing a long, ancient history of Arawak people, the island known as Trinidad (Trinity) wasn’t discovered by Europeans until Columbus found his way to the shores on his third journey in 1498. Much like Tobago, Trinidad was fought over for a century-plus, before falling to Great Britain. In 1898, Trinidad and Tobago became a Crown Colony, began self-governing in 1958 and was allowed independence four years later in 1962.