British Dependency

Imagine being in a pub. Red lights hovering, green lights flashing. Wine glasses chiming as they hit the surface of the bar. The drone of the pub is suddenly hushed as a voice so unique pierces through the noise and causes everyone to be silent. Those who weren’t looking at the stage carefully crane their necks to see what exactly has come over the bar.

Newcomers British Dependency have started their set. It’s just the warm up yet all eyes are on the budding superstars.  It’s easy to see what the intrigue is all about. They’re a quirky bunch. Ruel Richardson as the lead guitarist and vocalist can sing in a falsetto as high as Michael Jackson and knows his way around the electric guitar so well that he’d go head to head with slash from Guns and Roses and still hold his own.  Then there’s Joyah Gumbs, the bass guitarist. Her femininity while handling the instruments brings a certain flair, you can’t help but be impressed as the bass guitar is usually thought of a male instrument. To complete the trio, drummer Jaiden Flemming flexes his musical muscle, banging on those hi hats and adding that boom at the right moments. These three are gentle souls but exude that indomitable attitude of hall of fame rock stars. You know that attitude that comes when you know you have talent to back it up. Keep looking, you don’t want to blink in case you miss the few set tricks they’ve incorporated into their routine.

Who knew that talent of this magnitude was quietly resides in the little island of Anguilla. Not only are they Masters of their instruments but when it comes to creativity they have an edge. This isn’t your typical soca or reggae Caribbean artist. In fact they’ve created a whole new sound, it’s not entirely jazz, nor is it rock or reggae. It’s a queer coalescence of all while adding a touch of soca and the soulfulness of gospel. What do you get from this stew’ Nothing short of incredible.  It’s music that hits home while remaining alien enough to pull you in for a better listen.

They’ve already released one album ‘Which way is up’ solidifying a fan base and now the band is currently promoting their sophomore album, Veneration. Take it from us, we’ve heard the new album and it promises to upstage its predecessor.  We have a feeling that you’ll want to get to know them now so that you can boast and say I knew them when.

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