The Pumphouse

This low-key enough for a pirate but weirdly posh enough for a gentleman bar is where the cool folks go to hang.  The lighting is low for ambiance and the place feels like it was once a hot spot for sailors. Every now and then a pungent breeze from the salt pond blows in but the smell is somewhat of a signature.  The vibe the bar is going for is chill, but the atmosphere is electric. Especially when local superstars British Dependency are rocking out here. Grab your smokes and sip your wine.

For the best seats in the house sit at the bar and mingle with the other patrons. There is something about Pumphouse that makes it a great spot to pick up a date.  Located in an old salt factory, only the Halloween reminiscent decorations are a new addition. Even the old machinery is still a permanent fixture in the place (talk about keeping it archaic).

The grown folk ambiance brings together a unique cosmopolitan crowd most of the week. Tourist, locals and working class adults socialize at the bar. It’s a different story on Thursday night as this is the unofficial local night and everybody (and we mean everybody) comes to shake a leg.

The food and ambiance are a direct juxtaposition. Don’t expect the menu to be pedestrian; simple but definitely high class (as will be reflected in your bill) is the name of the game.  Try their thin crust vegetarian pizza for a pleasant surprise.

If you’re around at the close of the tourist season be sure to participate in the annual drag party. Wildly amusing, it’s an event that should not be missed.

  • Smoking is allowed at Pumphouse
  • Take out option is also available for the food
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