Shoal Bay Villas

This spot is not quite a typical pick for Maco-philes, but location makes it mention-worthy, suitable for travelers who are cool with bare-bones comfort but fanatical about a beach.

More like Beachfront apartments, the twelve units come with fully equipped kitchens and living room areas.  Some have separate bedrooms while others are studio-style.  The ones to get are those on the beach.  These units always feel sandy underfoot, because the beach is practically at the patio step!

There’s a cute pool, but it remains un-disturbed as visitors more often than not choose the comfortable chaises and umbrellas by the beach, which makes the stay much more relaxing.

Shoal Bay is a perfect beach — spectacular simplicity.  The ocean is lively but calm enough for a smooth crawl along the shoreline.  The walk is fabulous, anytime of the day. The breeze is steady, making a stroll at 7am in your bathing suit extremely doable.  The sand – white, fine-grained powder crystals that seem to stretch on for miles – absolutely beautiful!

Plop into the water and head to the reef close-by for snorkeling, and Ian Fleming a.k.a. Junior is always patrolling the beach offering motored tours on his glass-bottom-boat to other spots for water, bar and eatery activities.

A hidden gem is the “spa” room next to the “gym” room.  There you’ll meet “Dek”…a demure Balinese ‘lil bit of a woman with fingers of steel and technique of the “ancients”. She’s amazingly accurate and you feel like a huge load has been lifted off your shoulders when you leave her table.

Like all of the crew at Shoal Bay, they are friendly and helpful…rarely at the front desk, but found busy in the offices just behind.  Just poke your head in and say “hello”.

Shoal Bay Villas is that kind of place.


Telephone: 1.264.497.2051



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