Say I Do in Anguilla!

Well we figure the why part is obvious but in case you forgot, we will jog your memory a little. There’s the long empty expanse of white sand beaches, the turquoise water, quaint seaside rocks, antique boats, luxurious yachts anchored off shore, St. Martin in the background, private offshore cays, blasé locals, unadulterated views and sickeningly blue skies. Throw in that sienna sunset that usually ends with a green flash and we think the island has just sold itself as a destination-wedding haven. If you’re still on the fence then ask your favorite celebrities what brings them in droves to this tiny island.

Then there’s the how to get it done. It’s hard to believe there’s any formality in the islands right’ Well there is so here goes. You’ll need approximately two days to process that marriage license, and because of this little thing we like to call ‘island time’ we recommend that you get here with a couple days to spare. (Hey, we’re not proud of it either).

To begin the process have handy, valid passports or proof of citizenship, non marriage certificates for you marriage virgins, divorce or death certificates for those of you having another go at it, and at least two willing buddies to witness the event. The cost of the marriage license depends on the number of days that you’re staying on the island before the big day but you both absolutely have to be on island for 48 hours to get this wedding shindig rolling.

Young lovebirds under the age of 18 are also welcome but you’ll need consent from moms and pops or a legal guardian.

If you’re planning on skipping out on those gorgeous venues and getting married in the courthouse (defeating the whole purpose of this article, but hey whatever floats your boat), then a marriage officer is provided, but if you’re digging the picturesque scenes then you will need to grab your own marriage officer for the venue.

Now remember the devil is in the details so be sure to check, re-check and double check those documents. In fact, if you’re using a wedding planner this is where you put them to work, especially when trying to find the relevant offices because -over there by the blue building, on the right, after the second dirt road- just won’t cut it!

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