A bit about Barbuda

Barbuda lies 120 miles north of Antigua. This completely flat island with a population of approximately 1500 people is one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. Barbuda is the type of place you go to when you want to totally get away from it all. Its quiet, simple and beyond beautiful. With no man made attractions, Barbuda is full of natural secrets. Have you ever seen miles of pink sand? One of the island’s most unique features is it miles and miles of pink sand beach, a natural wonder that not many can boast of seeing. One of the world’s largest Frigate bird colonies is located on this same island of pink sand. Observe these birds in their natural habitat during a boat ride through the Codrington Lagoon. Frigate birds are magnificent creatures identified by their red breasts and expansive wingspans. Mating season (September to April) is the best times to visit, enjoy seeing the male’s mating rituals as their puff out their chests and view nesting females tending to their young.

The Darby caves is a natural sinkhole formed by an old cave that collapsed. After a short hike to the bottom enter a tropical gully of green. Lush vegetation, peculiar trees and abundant wildlife are all worth the hike down. Other historical sites such as the Martello towers, Highland house and Two Foot Bay should also be on your list of things to see.

Barbuda was once the hideaway of Princess Diana who once stayed at the now closed very exclusive K Club. Barbuda’s practical appeal is its simplicity. Friendly locals take pleasure in the company of each other; nightly games of dominoes, basketball, and cricket, drinking beer on the corner, eating and chatting. Barbuda is a totally different vibe from Antigua’s island hustle and bustle. Accessible by ferry or small plane Barbuda is worth more than a day’s trip. Book a room at the Coco Point Lodge or the fairly new Lighthouse Bay hotel. For the more adventurous try the North Beach Cottages where you can enjoy a camping style vacation, this property is only accessible by boat. A trip to Barbuda would be a complete waste without having a lobster dinner. The people of Barbuda depend heavily on the sea for revenue. And Barbuda’s lobsters are especially tasty, mouth watering and absolutely divine!

For the under sea lovers, Barbuda hosts a treasure trove of diving opportunities. The coast of Barbuda is teeming with ancient shipwrecks dating back to the 1700’s. There are no dive shops in Barbuda so be sure to find a guide in Antigua to take you.

Barbuda continues to be one of the few unspoiled inhabited Caribbean islands left. Visit this hidden gem to unwind and renew your energy.

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