Barbuda on The Excellence

The most pleasurable way to access Barbuda is on a boat or catamaran – unless, that is, you’re keen to witness the novelty of a handful of goats and hens milling around the perimeter of what must be one of the smallest and sleepiest airports in the world! But otherwise it’s a no-brainer.

So, here’s the deal: off into the glistening blue aboard The Excellence – a sleek, 85-foot luxury power catamaran. Twenty-eight mile of the open sea, an open bar, with flying fish and seabirds as escorts. At certain times of the year the honor guard includes dolphins, sea turtles and even the odd whale.

In just over an hour you’ll drop anchor on Barbuda’s spectacular Low Bay. This is the real deal when it comes to jaw-dropping beaches. An eye-popping 17 miles of pristine pink and white sand, it’s hailed as one of the finest beaches in the world. Stay at Low Bay and slather on the sunscreen, or visit the world’s largest colony of frigate birds. For this rare treat you’ll be transported, in a smaller boat, via the peaceful, lime-green waters of Codrington lagoon into the heart of the mangroves. Ornithologists will flip out at the sight of these magnificent birds in their natural habitat.

Then it’s back to the cat for lunch, after which this paradise island is all yours to do as please for an hour or two. Sunbathe, swim, beach-comb, saunter along those legendary deserted shores or just simply take in the astounding beauty.

  • If you’ve got cash to splash, The Excellence is available for private charter.
  • Antigua and Barbuda received the ‘Travelers Choice Award 2010′ for’ Top 10 Beach and Sun Destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico.’ What further endorsement would you need’
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