Top 5 Beaches in Antigua

It’s no secret that Antigua is awash with sensational beaches – one for each day of the year, according to the hype. Everyone has their favorite, but here’s our pick of five of the best, from windswept and dramatic to secluded and romantic – and not forgetting the hard-core kitesurfer’s paradise.

Bird Island

Fancy something a bit different’ How about trying an uninhabited, white-sand Crusoe-isle for the day’ As it’s name suggests, it’s a favorite haunt of some magnificent tropical birds, including exotic red-billed species as well as brown pelicans and frigate birds. If you’re really lucky you may catch a glimpse of the rare but harmless racer snake. There’s great snorkeling around the island’s tranquil waters. Popular with locals during holiday periods, particularly Easter. How to get there’ Best option is to make friends with a boat-owner. Failing that, take your pick from one of the day-sailing tour companies or charter your own boat (if you’re a qualified sailor you’ll need to submit the relevant documentation).

Half Moon Bay

Arguably the jewel in the crown. From dramatic waves (in the middle of the bay) and calm waters (on the left) to great snorkeling, this sensational mile-long, crescent-shaped east-coast bay has got the lot – apart from restaurants, so be sure to take a picnic (although nearby Harry’s bar serves basic fare and cramping cold beers). You can even find a special type of mud here that works wonders on the skin. The exact location is a closely guarded secret but those in the know emerge plastered from head to toe in the stuff.


The beautiful turquoise waters of this undeveloped north-coast beach tempt many a passer-by. But apart from its natural beauty, it has also emerged as a prime spot for kitesurfing. Professional training for this adrenalin-fired thrill is available from two mobile units that have set up residence on the beach in recent years, their colorful sails flying high.

Long Bay

Here’s one for the whole family. With its powdery white sand and tranquil, deep blue waters, it’s great for swimming, snorkeling and people watching. And there are a couple of nice restaurants to choose from no frills.

Rendezvous Bay

This breathtaking, secluded north-coast bay is terrific if you want some serious privacy and maybe a touch of romance. It’s not accessible by car but it’s well worth the half-hour walk to get there. The chances are you’ll have it all to yourselves.

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