Famous Mauro’s

A popular hangout for locals and tourists alike, it’s also a hotspot for visiting Italians and almost anyone with a fondness for table football (as well as excellent pizza, of course). Decor is simple and rustic, the mood is friendly and very informal.

The star of the show is without doubt the traditional wood-burning brick oven, which takes pride of place to the left as you enter, spewing fire and flames ‘ and fabulous pizzas. The co-star is of course Mauro himself, whose impressive antics with pizza dough ‘complete with all the obligatory flourishes and flips ‘ provide plenty of visual drama while you’re sipping that Chianti.

Starters are simple but delicious and include such classics as basil-scattered caprese salad and wafer-thin prosciutto with arugula and fresh parmesan, served with heavenly homemade Italian bread. The pizza menu includes traditional combinations as well as more imaginative toppings. There are also some nice local touches, such as lobster with chunks of fresh tomato. There’s an undisguised concern to protect the integrity of the menu, which is as it should be. Ask for a topping that ares not listed, and you may receive a pause, a wry smile and an ‘I’ll ask Mauro’. But it’s all done in the nicest possible way.

Large bunches of freshly picked basil leaves adorn each table for diners to tear off at whim and sprinkle over their food ‘an inspired touch ‘ and a great aroma. Salads, herbs and vegetables come live and direct from Mauro’s own farm.

Mauro’s has earned the tagline ‘the best pizza in Antigua’,’ with justification. This is the real deal when it comes to authentic Italian pizza. If you’re into those imposter versions that pose as pizza (with thick chunks of dough dripping with fat, unidentifiable cheese and inedible meat), Mauro’s is not the place for you. But for everyone else in search of a simple feast, prepared with fresh, quality produce, it’s an essential stop.

  • Try your pizza with a splash of Mauro’s tasty homemade spicy oil.
  • The calzone is excellent but big and could serve two.
  • Mauro sells his mouthwatering freshly baked Italian bread and croissants (still warm from the oven) from the front of the pizzeria, Monday to Saturday, mornings only, in high season.
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