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Brighton Farmer’s Market in St. George was started by the Pile family in 2001 to sell extra produce from their farm. A decade later, this is the Saturday morning hangout for gourmands and people who want the freshest produce. It’s turned into a real social scene for regulars ‘ and a treat for first-timers.

Set on the grounds of an old sugar plantation, the market comes with open-air seating – picnic tables placed in the shade of a beautiful flamboyant tree. Here housewives can enjoy a bit of breakfast in a breezy, tranquil setting before setting out on the rest of their Saturday errands. It’s a family affair, with moms chatting over coffee while kids enjoy a little play area, the expansive lawns. An intrepid few even attempt to climb the flamboyant.

The approach to the market is pleasant from any direction. Sitting in the parish of St. George in the middle of the island, the grounds are framed by massive, mature Shak Shak trees and bounded by a sugar cane field. Those in the know arrive before 7am with eco-conscious cloth shopping bags in hand to get the best of the market goods, as well as some of the freshly made foods on sale.

While the setting is very much in keeping with the plantation days of yesteryear, this is definitely not your old-time market. Produce, with the exception of the a few fruits which you can have sliced into portions, is already bagged and price-labeled for your convenience. A few imported veggies complement the ones available fresh from the farm, so you don’t have to make any more stops. Fresh juices are available in coolers, pre-labeled. And there’s a bank of six registers to ensure there’s no wait to cash your goods.

So, that business is over very quickly and then it’s time for the fun. Join the ‘Pilebucks’ coffee line for freshly brewed coffee or pick your own tea, both served with steamed milk. Most patrons leave clutching at least two cups; one for a friend smartly holding a space at the tables. Put in your order for an omelet, and relax; usually there are quite a few ahead of yours so expect a 20-minute wait.

Take your time browsing the vendors’ area, where local chefs or those simply dabbling serve a variety of freshly made breads, pastries, homemade pasta and fresh sushi. The aromas are just divine. If you don’t fancy omelets, don’t fret. There’s saltfish and bake, fried fish cutters, or any number of pies – traditional sausage, bacon, egg, ham with egg and egg with basil, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. This is definitely a Barbadian farmers’ market.

While many vendors are permanent, regular market-goers note that others change often, so make sure you bring some extra cash for that little find. Artisans display everything from hand-made jewelry to pottery, photography, prints on canvas, and greeting cards. The range is quite something – occasionally, you may even find goldfish on sale, book-ended with a real estate company pitching their plots of land.

It’s a great morning out, but word to the wise: this market is definitely not for late risers, as by 7:30 most of the produce has dwindled. You’re quite likely, however, to find yourself in the midst of good company until as late as 9am. So hit the road early, grab a coffee and kill two birds with one stone: get some great shopping done and catch up on all the latest news!

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