Cobblers Cove

Cobblers Cove is the place to be coddled. It starts the moment you arrive and are met with moist chilled towel and a rum punch. That’s the tone throughout your stay: refresh and relax. Choose to be active or just loll; both options are provided.

Forty spacious suites compose the accommodations, each with its own patio or veranda, and plenty of other comforts. Traditional tropical architecture is built to catch the breeze, but AC is an option in the bedrooms. The layout is practical, the attractive decor is tasteful, and you’ll lack nothing in terms of amenities.

Perched atop the distinctive colonial mansion that’s the center of social life here, are two especially luxurious suites. Perfect for honeymoons, these feature private plunge pools, ample bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs and showers meant for two, particularly beautiful furnishings, and glorious views of the sea.

Downstairs, the lounge is done in antiques and a huge grass carpet, with comfy seating areas, well-stocked bookshelves, and plentiful games. It’s the perfect spot for afternoon tea. Yes, that comes with your stay’one of many nice touches that include unbidden sorbet delivery to your sun-lounger.

In the open air restaurant, substance and simplicity are the style principles. Focus is on the adjacent sea and on the food itself. Relais & Chateaux, of which Cobblers Cove is a member, prides itself on cuisine, and justly so. Here, Continental gets a bit of Caribbean flavour, with a nice balance of known favourites and sophistication on the menu. Taste, texture, and freshness rule. Overlooking the modest pool, the bar can keep you lubricated day and night.

Boulders protect the built areas from shore erosion’a problem on this coast. There’s access to the strand of sand at the end of the wooden sundeck, which is actually partly shaded (a good thing.) This used to be a neighbourhood beach, both for the grand villas beside it and for local families on Sundays, but sadly it has narrowed. Protected from water vehicles, patch reefs provide convenient snorkelling (gear provided), while the north end of the cove offer a couple hours’ worth of underwater exploring.

  • Free wi-fi operates throughout the property. If you travelled sans computer, use the one in the TV room.
  • Expect to pay nasally for wine.
  • If your ideal day at the beach involves potential social life with a younger set, pop down to Mullins or the Ramshackle Bar.
  • TV-holics can arrange to get a set delivered, but with the local channel only. For more, one must visit the TV lounge.
  • Salty old Speightstown is within walking distance. It offers a museum, art gallery, restaurants, shopping, and some quaintness.
  • Got kids, or issues with other people’s’ Check the website for how they’re handled. (Quite nicely.)
  • Service is mostly excellent, but may lack enthusiasm at times.
  • Like to fish’ You won’t find this option elsewhere: go out with the hotel’s own fisherman to bring in the catch of the day.
  • Clientele is primarily mature Britons, with a few younger couples and the occasional American.
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