SoCo Hotel

Travel is the looking glass through which we marvel at the world. It is the butterflies in your stomach when immersed in a new culture, language and terrain. You, like the fearless explorers of the past who climbed the tallest peaks and sank to the lowest depths to reveal the unknown, you have a thirst for discovery. When you travel, you snub mundane brands in favour of the unique, intimate boutique hotels that allow you to truly discover something new.

The SoCo Hotel is so named because it sits at the edge of a promenade on the south coast of Barbados, gazing wistfully towards, though never catching sight of, South America. Guests to the hotel can witness this vista from any of its 24 rooms. Stand at your terrace and cast your eyes out to sea, voyeur of passing ships, sailboats or jet skis. Or laze around your room entertained by a state of the art TV and DVD player, ipod docking station or free wifi.

SoCo rooms catch the breeze blowing gently onto shore and feature minimalist décor with emphasis on comfort. You will sleep like royalty in a plush king sized bed with white leather bedhead. Furniture is crafted with crushed bamboo, an embrace between modernity and nature.

SoCo is a cozy boutique hotel free from the constraints of a conglomerate, with an art deco design that expresses its chic individuality. The SoCo Hotel is all inclusive, elegant and inviting.

The restaurant’s menu includes four course dinners and lunches, as well a hearty breakfast. Dine on flying fish almandine by night, munch on fish tacos, grilled pizzas or curry chicken salad when you’re peckish, or start the day with a full English breakfast of sausages, eggs and baked beans. The bar serves delightfully refreshing cocktails by the pool and the menu changes often, prepared by a fantastic chef and served by very friendly staff.

Though SoCo will take care of your every need, from spa treatments to food and drink, you know you’re here to explore the beautiful island Barbados. The concierge can book a round of golf, tours, excursions, watersports, videos & photo services to capture the moment – you just say when.

When the Portuguese discovered Barbados, they named it so because as they sailed by they were mystified by the willowy trees that resembled bearded natives lined off on the shore. Guests booking their rooms at SoCo, like these fearless explorers, are here to discover the new world of a boutique hotel.

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