Lobster Alive

The food is excellent, the vibe is carefree, and though it’s far from fancy, there is some beauty to behold, ‘mostly the impressive expanse of Carlisle Bay.

This is the place for lingering lunches. For a legendary day of indulgence, take the two-step program:

1) Cavort in the sea and laze in the sun with loungers and umbrellas provided;

2) Enjoy fine cuisine, barefoot. Even better, anchor in the bay and swim ashore; then do steps 1 and 2, in whichever order you prefer.

Dinner is relaxed, with the sparkle of stemware and stars contrasting with the rustic simplicity. Dine there when there’s live jazz, and it’s something truly special. The musicians are good, never cheesy.

Though aesthetic enough, the place is basic, but don’t let that fool you. It’s not cheap. The lobsters are flown in from Bequia; you’re paying their airfare plus accommodation in a big, salt water tank, where you can pick one out. How fresh is that!

The menu is limited to lobster, steak, catch of the day, salad, and sides. Main dishes are generously portioned, and all is nicely presented. Which lobster dish is best’ Whether grilled, swimming in Thermidor sauce, or eased into pasta, salad or crepes, it’s all delicious. For starters, try the pickled sea cat or the divine callaloo chowder. The bar serves standard drinks as well as iconic rum punch, a decent wine list, and for afterwards, liqueurs and cigars.

Service is where it starts to get iffy. Usually, the staff take care to keep you happy, but once in a while, you sense that it’s onerous to do so. When you get your plates, however, you’re likely to forget that and succumb to pure pleasure.

The other occasional drawback stems from the same waterfront location that supplies half the charm. Certain other visitors, i.e. with more than two legs, may make an appearance at night. Get over it; they too will pass.

  • Cool jazz on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Swing quintet at Sunday lunch.
  • The schedule shrinks in the off season. Call first.
  • Dinner reservations are strongly advised.
  • Don’t expect finger bowls or wipes with that lobster. You’ll have to get up and use the sink.
  • For beach goers having lunch, there’s a shower available.
  • Casual clothing is fine. Special evening’ Okay, dress up. That works too.
  • Drinks may cost more than you expect. You can bring your own wine, but the steep corkage fee may ruin your mood.
  • Just want the jazz’ Get a beer and a plate of fries at the bar. Don’t tell them we said this.
  • From May to the end of August, lobsters are out of season, so you’ll get frozen, not fresh ones then. Still good though!

November through April: Open daily, 12 to 9 and Noon to 4 on Sundays.

May through October: Open Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch only.

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