At this South Coast favorite, expect good company, distinctive cocktails and tapas with an Italian flair on a seafront location.

Staying true to the concept of tapas’ – sociability over an early evening drink’ – the bar is always buzzing, with skilled bartenders offering up a variety of cocktails, such as the unique wild berry caipiroska. Set right at the entrance, the clever bar design lends itself to a relaxed communal ambiance where patrons have more than enough space to catch up over drinks.

Order straight from the bar, or retreat to the spacious and cool upstairs terrace, which provides a somewhat quieter respite for dinner. Up here, shared whispers with your table companion simply mingle with the sound of the ocean and snippets of bar conversation down below for a very pleasant dining experience.

Besides the friendliness, however, tapas is what patrons come for. For a bit of heaven on a small plate, sample the shrimp panko or the light and limey seafood ceviche. Check the homey blackboard at the restaurant’s center, specials etched in chalk, to find your personal fave.

Main courses include Chef Franco’s gnocchi with goat cheese or for something lighter, try the mussels provencal, and a server will pair either with a great wine for you.


Hastings Main Road,
Highway 7,
Christ Church,



  • For dinner, make reservations early, and ask Alfredo for a front table where you can practically touch the walkers as they enjoy their evening stroll on the boardwalk. The flickering flames of the gas lanterns set against the water are enchanting.
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