The Tides

No matter what time of year or hour of the day you visit, you will be bowled over by The Tides. Owned by Tammie and Guy Beasley, The Tides’ specialty is enviously fresh seafood.

Chef Guy is classically French trained and like the nefarious Gordon Ramsay likes to throw around an F word…only his is…FRESH. Chef Guy directs his cuisine’s focus on bringing out the most wonderful flavours…and making sure every ingredient is hot off the press. Oysters, lobsters, and of course catch of the day are all caught in the sparkling Caribbean sea and prepared for you.

Fondly known as ‘the restaurant for special occasions’, birthdays, anniversaries, get togethers and honeymoons are all some of the best reasons to visit. Another great reason is the gorgeous location.

Sitting right on the oceanfront, at night the sound of the waves gently rolling in and breaking against the rocks provides an ambient music that reminds you you’re in the most beautiful place on earth. The sound of the ocean paired with lush greenery, red clay tiles and ancient trees that grow among the table settings, gives you a warm and earthly feel. The Tides is a restaurant of natural and old world charm.

Admiring the scenery at The Tides reminds you why it is the special occasions restaurant. If you’re looking for a site to host a wedding reception, The Tides will take all the pressure off of your shoulders. With its prime location right on the water, it’s absolutely picture perfect.

The Tides can cater to an intimate or large crowd, with access to its elegant gazebo on the white sand beach. Decorate the gazebo with flowers and personalize your event with its own menu, wines, cocktails and canapés.

Chef Guy creates dishes as visually exciting as they are gastronomically tasty. Attention to detail will send you away happy. Before you dine, slip into the bar and lounge area which features compelling artwork, pleasant music and air conditioning. It’s a relaxing place to lounge while sipping a brilliant pre dinner cocktail. Or if you’d rather get right down to the grub, have a look at a sampling of their menu:

For Lunch, start with crab, mussels, homemade sweet potato and butternut squash soup. Next, try a sautéed seafood salad or for a main, catch of the day grilled, blackened or pan fried, a teetering seafood tower of lobster, crab leg, smoked salmon shrimp mussels and oysters, serving two.

For Dinner, start with risotto, ravioli or Thai coconut shrimp bisque. Follow it up with a main like jerk pork tenderloin, braised lamb shank and glazed Scottish salmon.

Top it off with an indulgent dessert like peanut butter mousse, vegan chocolate and raspberry cake. There is also a selection of dessert wines, menu wines of reds and whites and champagne, as well as a vegetarian menu and food for the kids.

Desscode is elegantly casual.

No matter what time of year or hour of the day you visit, you will have a fantastic oceanfront dining experience.

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