Barbados Spas

There is probably not a greater way to completely enjoy your vacation to Barbados than in a delightful spa. Barbados spas, even Barbados spa hotels, are meant to ensconce you in relaxation, to get you into the serene state of mind for the quaint setting that is surrounding you. There are truly lots of luxurious spas in Barbados to pick.

Sugar Cane Club Spa

If you visit Sugar Cane Club spa, please make sure that you request the Caribbean Legend Gold Body Wrap. This is a complete and essential body treatment that can make you feel just like putty, because your skin will be refreshed as your scalp and feet get a relaxing massage in this Barbados spa.

Serenity Spa

This delightful and quaint spa on Crane Beach is a little out of the way, but it is worth it, both as a classic resort and to get a wonderful spa treatment (this is one of the best Barbados spa resorts) that can include a hot shell massage, wherein heated shells are properly positioned on your body to improve the effects of the massage.

Coral Reef Club

The Coral Reef Club almost has everything in Barbados and does everything in classic Caribbean style. In the Coral Reef Club, a spa is not simply a treatment, it is a full experience, that takes place in a complete service body treatment center in a traditional colonial architecture.

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The Coral Reef Club Spa
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Sugar Cane Club Spa
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Serenity Spa
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