Sugar Cane Club Spa

The Spa at Sugar Cane Club features seven private rooms, each one designed to soothe, polish, buff and revive the body. No matter what condition you arrive in, by the time the staff here work their magic your skin will be baby soft, your body intoxicated and your mind a calm sea.

Treatment’s range from skin invigorating facials, mani-pedis and aromatherapy massages to steam treatments, detoxifying scrubs and rejuvenating hydrotherapy.

The Spa also carries two lines of products selectively chosen for their unique therapeutic properties.

Phytomer is a world renown French brand derived from natural marine extracts and promises to strengthen the skin and recharge it with energy while the Fleurs line of products uses natures own botanical tonics with wholesome essential oils that renew and enhance skin tones…..and smell divine!

For something a little different, indulge in a body rejuvenating hydro-therapy bath; this treatment can invigorate or relax depending on your desire and is excellent for soothing tired muscles.

The body cocoons are another tempting option; The Caribbean Legend Gold Body Wrap promises to have your skin positively luminous while scalp and foot massages ensure you are limp with relaxation.

The Spa offers day packages for visitors and locals alike and encourages patrons to use the outdoor plunge pool and gazebo to enhance their experience, come for a massage and manicure and stay for a swim and some lunch; bliss is easily realized but we can all claim it’s a work in progress, if you know what I mean. *wink

  • Taken in a little too much sun’ Try the Sun Recovery Wrap, the calming after sun cocoon will leave your skin moisturized and quenched.
  • The Spa offers a variety of Bridal Packages ensuring that you radiate on your special day….and they don’t leave out the groom!
  • Want a romantic day with that special someone’ The Spa will readily conspire to provide couples with a little extra romance during their visit.

Location: Sugar Cane Hotel, Maynards, St. Peter, Barbados

Located across the walkway from the hotel’s lobby, there is ample parking and a relaxed vibe from the moment you reach the off-the-beaten-path locale.

For Reservations, call 246-422-5026 Ext. 5036, or email

Visit them at: (Also on Facebook)


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