Crane Weddings

Accustomed to jumping through hoops, The Crane’s expert Romance Concierge will line up everything from getting the license to tossing the bouquet and fleeing to your bower of bliss. Whether you’re a micro-manager with a theme decor in mind or someone who’s comfortable handing off the hassles, she’s both game and proficient. She has even been known to arrange ‘trashing the dress’ in style. They say marriage is like jumping off a cliff’ Well, here you can do it literally right into the sea. And yet, there’s something traditional about The Crane, a sense of solid but unpretentious luxury.

Since its beginnings in 1887, this windswept, cliffside resort has since grown into a world of its own, with residential blocks, shopping, restaurants, and bars. Set in 40 acres of beautifully landscaped parkland there’s still a sense of space, with vistas everywhere. And the beach is world-renowned. Within this vastness, there’s a range of venues for each phase of the wedding. Events decorators who work with The Crane can make an already photogenic environment even more magical. From a simple ceremony or vow renewal to a grand production, there’s a place and a package to suit.

Take your vows on a cliff top, at the beach, or in a garden of meandering pools. Hold your rehearsal dinner or reception in an elegant restaurant, historic ruins, or in a traditionally styled ‘town hall.’ Take cocktails by the koi pond. Soothe your nerves with a spa treatment. Let the cameras roll, the music play, and the white doves fly. Then stick around for the honeymoon in rooms that are the largest on the island, and among the best-appointed.

With very few exceptions (i.e. new trainees,) The Crane staff are notable for professionalism and courtesy. For a major life event like this, that support is what you need. There’s a reason for The Crane’s longevity. A wedding here makes memories that are just as lasting.

  • Flexibility. Be as simple or as lavish as you want.
  • Superb food: no rubber chicken reception fare.
  • A great place for evening weddings.
  • Not a wedding mill. You get personal attention.


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