British Virgin Islands Activities

There is no shortage of fun things to do in the British Virgin Islands, and travelers of all stripes will be hard-pressed not to find something enjoyable to do.

Sailors have long regarded the BVIs as a little slice of heaven. The islands are close together, the seas are calm, and trade winds are always ready to carry seafaring types wherever they’d like to go. For the aspiring sailors among us, the Bitter End Yacht club offers a sailing school. For those who prefer to relax and let someone else man the helm, plenty of vessels are available for charter, complete with captain.

Fishing is another one of the British Virgin Islands’ big draws. Anglers of all ages will relish the sheer variety of fishing experiences on offer. Offshore, marlin and wahoo fishing are popular, but fly-fishing is also an option in shallower waters. Hiring a local guide can help make your fishing experience more enjoyable, as they tend to be knowledgeable about the best spots. Do not fish without a license, though, as they are cheap and easily obtained, and the penalties for going without one are stiff.

Scuba divers will delight in what the BVIs have to offer. There are several sunken ships to explore, while most popular diving destinations are easy to locate. Of course, the coral reefs are spectacular, offering up-close and personal experiences with the local underwater wildlife. Diving lessons and guided dives are available from several local proprietors, such as Dive BVI, or Blue Water Divers.

Visitors during March and April will be treated to the Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival, which features sailboat races, raucous festivities, fashion shows, and live music.

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