Come Prepared to Party

Here’s a little Caribbean travel tidbit for you: when in search of a good party, follow the boating crowd. You can benefit from this knowledge when you’re on Virgin Gorda – an island whose night life consists mainly of laid-back beachfront bars – by heading for the Bath and Turtle Pub.

Centrally located in the heart of Spanish Town and considered to be the hub of Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, the secret is out: the boaters have been joined by landlubbing tourists and locals alike, with a crowd comprised of Americans, Europeans, and of course Virgin Islanders.

The Bath and Turtle Pub delivers the quintessential island party atmosphere: part waterfront location, part succulently sweet tropical drinks, part dancing the night away under the stars, to everything from the latest tunes to lively local music. And the fact that the staff seems to be having fun like it’s their job (pun intended) only helps to stoke the festive flames.

Wednesday is the pub’s most popular night thanks to its Caribbean buffet and live local music. Come on Sundays to see a live scratch band; this type of folk music is unique to the Virgin Islands, and we dare you to resist moving, shaking, even tapping your foot to the sounds of the tambourine, banjo, and conga drum ensemble.

Even if you aren’t one to jump up and cut a rug at the first sound of a thumping beat, the Bath and Turtle Pub makes for amusing people watching, and they’ll serve you some kickass British pub-style food to boot.

And if the party scene turns you off completely, don’t discount this fun-loving spot, because breakfast and lunch are served here too, with a decidedly calmer atmosphere set against the beautiful Yacht Harbour waterfront.

The pub has played host to the likes of Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, and Queen Latifah, just to name a few. Between the boating crowd and the celebrities that this place attracts, we think it’s safe to say the Bath and Turtle Pub is a certifiably happening VG spot.

  •  You’re at a British pub, so it almost goes without saying that the fish and chips are a must. 
  • If you have room for seconds, sample the Bath and Turtle’s world famous roti. Wash it all down with a Deep Sea Diver – a drink as delicious as it is beautiful, with layers of Blue Curacao, a mix of local rums, pineapple and orange juices, and Cointreau.  
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