British Virgin Islands Dining is one-of-a-kind

One of the greatest things about being in the sailing capital of the world is the freedom to dine when you want, where you want, and as varied as you want.

There are multiple options from which to choose and if you’re on a boat there’s a bit of added fun when you moor off an island; dive, snorkel and swim into the crystal clear waters, and motor ashore by dinghy to a small beachside shack for conch fritters and a Painkiller!

Visitors spend their days eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on different islands, which can take place throughout their entire stay, or within the same day. You have the leisurely option to explore the beauty of this archipelago, including how you dine.

Choices include upscale dining at luxury resorts, tropical settings in open-air restaurants or small local cafés; the food is fresh, bright and bold with flavors robust and spicy to match.

Not only is it some of the best you’ll ever tasted, its’ prepared by many local award-winning chefs who don’t rely on recipes to stew their pots.
Speaking of pots… journey to one of their seaside restaurants for fresh caught Spiny lobster! Local fishermen pull them directly from the lobster trap to prepare a memorable succulent dish!


Photo courtesy: Jordana Wright Photography

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