Caribbean Club

Looking for the luxury and lifestyle of an apartment at one of the world’s most exclusive addresses’ Then the Caribbean Club on Seven Miles Beach, Grand Cayman, is the place to check in. Styled as a boutique residence hotel, the property offers guests the comforts of an elegant home with the services of a first-class hotel. And, boy, is it swanky!

Each apartment is individually decorated but all share the same living space of 2,700 square feet fronting onto powdery white sand and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the sea and sunset. The d├ęcor is gorgeous, some apartments being cutting-edge contemporary while others are more traditional. Each apartment has three bedrooms and en suite bathrooms, a large living room, fully equipped kitchen and a washer/dryer. Huge French doors wrap around the apartments on the beachfront to let in the swoosh of the sea. Apartments in the central section have balconies which give a dizzying view over the water.

This is about as good as it can get and it’s difficult to choose whether to lounge on the sunbeds on the veranda, swim in the pool or take a dip in the sea. Prior to arrival you can order groceries for the kitchen but if you don’t feel like cooking, simply pick up the phone and have your (gourmet) meals brought you. The place is so beautiful you really don’t need, or want, to go anywhere.

Guests can stay three days or more and the apartments would be ideal for a wedding or family get-together, or even on your own if you want to indulge in big space.

At least for a few days, you can pretend to belong to the cool crowd who live on this beach.

Take full advantage of valet parking, a king-size bed you practically get lost in and long soaks in the cavernous bathroom.

Or sit out under the starlight, have a romantic candlelit dinner for two, check email on wifi, watch old movies in front of the giant plasma TV.

And if you like the apartment so much that you want to stay forever, you can actually buy it!

  • If staying over a weekend, book in for Sunday brunch at Luca, the restaurant downstairs.
  • A three-day minimum stay is required…but feel free to stay as long as you’d like!
  • A property at Caribbean Club is available for purchase at anything between US$2.5 million and US$4.5 million, but you can always help pay the mortgage by renting it out to other guests who can only dream of living there.
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