Pirates Point Resort

It’s not high-end luxury, but Pirates Point on Little Cayman has something much more elusive ‘ stacks of character. So much so that many of its guests have been visiting every year since the resort opened in 1986.

Founded and run by the inimitable Gladys Howard who celebrates her 76th birthday this year, Pirates Point is homely, majors on fantastic food and is the kind of place where you can feel comfortable staying on your own. You can book in for the ‘just relaxing’ package or include daily diving expeditions. There are 10 comfortable rooms on the beachfront property but you don’t need a key to lock your door as there’s no crime on the island.

Gladys is originally from Texas and is a gourmet cook who has studied with culinary giants such as Julia Child. Despite Little Cayman’s remoteness, Gladys somehow gets fresh fruit and vegetables and a huge variety of ingredients to make mouth-watering dishes every day, with a kitchen that never closes.

Gladys, who has a big personality, extends her wholesome hospitality to guests every Friday evening for cocktails at her home on the property and she hosts a dinner at her house when it’s a full moon. Otherwise, guests assemble at the bar at 6:30 pm each day for delicious nibbles from the kitchen with their pre-dinner drinks. The gong sounds promptly an hour later and everybody is ushered for the surprise buffet menu served personally by the chef. Seating is relaxed, there are no formal tables and everybody mingles.

The friendly staff are multi-taskers, so don’t be surprised to find your dive master also serves you at the dinner table.

On dull days, if diving, swimming in the pool or swinging in the hammocks is off the agenda, there are books, DVDs, magazines and games to keep guests occupied.

And then there’s the on-going competition to see who can make the most inventive Pirates Point sign out of driftwood or other recycled materials. Previous entries adorn the bar walls and ceiling and just about every other surface.

It’s worth trying out your artistic talents as the annual first prize is a free week at Pirates Point, a place you’ll surely want to visit again.

  • Little Cayman is a 45-minute flight from Grand Cayman. Pirates Point staff will dash to pick you up when they hear the Twin Otter aircraft coming in to land
  • Pirates Point has scuba excursions to Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall, considered to be one of the top dive sites in the world
  • If you want to know the recipe for Gladys’s meals, she has written the book Cook’ In Little Cayman, and long-term staffer Gaye Morse has captured the hilarious side of life on Cayman in So, You Want to Live on Island
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