River Antoine Rum Distillery

Established in 1785, the distillery still uses its own homegrown sugar cane – long after this crop has virtually disappeared from Grenada’s agricultural landscape – to make the famous Rivers Rum.  

Don’t be distracted or dismayed by the rather dilapidated state of the buildings, this is a hands-on experience of a bygone era.

 Accompanied by a well informed guide you will get to experience the sweet smell of the sugar being extracted from the cane, the heat of the bagasse-fired furnace and the sight of bubbling taches as the natural fermentation takes place.

 You will learn of the long tried and true method of boiling the resulting liquid to extract the water and leave the alcohol.

You will be fascinated by the bottling and labeling process.   It’s all done completely by hand – no assembly line here.

And finally, if you’re brave enough, you will get to taste the resulting, extremely potent, crystal clear spirit:   150 percent proof Rivers Rum.  Be careful, it’s highly flammable and may render you speechless for a moment.  No wonder the ancients referred to it as ‘firewater”!

To protect your taste buds, try River Antoine’s Rum Punch made with either Passionfruit or Sorrel, it’s a bit gentler on the palate!

River Antoine Rum Distillery is about an hour’s drive from St Georges and makes an interesting 45-minute stop on a tour of the island.

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