Sightseeing in Carriacou

A day or overnight trip to Carriacou from neighbouring Grenada is like taking a step back in time.  The culture and traditions of this tiny island, whose name came from the Carib for “land of reefs”, reflect the French, English, Scotish and African heritage of its residents.  Small enough to be seen in a day, Carriacou offers lovely beaches, stunning views, picturesque villages and great diving and snorkeling.


Highly recommended is an island tour – or partial island tour if time is tight – with Linky.  A tall, well spoken Carriacouan (or Kayak, as they are more familiarly called), with an encyclopedic knowledge of his island home, Linky will take you to places with fantastic views and interesting histories.  He will entertain you with amusing anecdotes – ask him about what happened when the Grenadian authorities tried to establish a police station on nearby Petit Martinique – and take you to see boats being built in the traditional way in the village of Windward.  His tours start from the main street in Hillsborough.

Tours with Linky can be booked through Simply Carriacou.


Several tiny uninhabited islands – some little more than atolls – lie off the coast of Carriacou and there are a number of popular dive sites in between and around them.

But even for non-divers, a boat trip by water taxi to these outlying islands is just as rewarding.  Affable Carriacouan Shirwin, also the proprietor of the Lambie Queen Bar and Restaurant, regularly takes visitors to Sandy Island just off Hillsborough Bay to snorkel, swim  and laze on the palm fringed beach.

A little further south lie Large Island, Frigate Island, Saline Island and White Island, the latter being the perfect spot for a picnic or even a magical desert island wedding!

Before returning to Tyrrel Bay, Shirwin will motor slowly into the limpid waters of the oyster lagoon.  Bordered by thick mangrove swamps this protected body of water offers shelter to boats from approaching storms, and is filled with abundant marine life and oysters clinging to the roots of the mangrove trees.  But be careful, harvesting of oysters is officially prohibited!

Set aside about 2-3 hours for a delightful boat trip along the coast and among the islands with a stop for a cooling dip in the clear blue Caribbean Sea.

Arrangements for private tours/picnics on Shirwin’s water taxi can be made through Simply Carriacou.

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