Spicemas Grenada

If you’re heading to Grenada’s annual Spicemas event, here are a few things you’ll need to know. ‘Spice Mas’ is simply put, Grenadian culture on colourful display. The annual event showcases multiple activities, which in turn demonstrates the inks to our African, French, and British heritage. SpiceMas Carnival is an explosion of colourful and culture. Not to mention, Grenada’s one of the world’s best places for spices.

From the melodious songs of Calypso, the fine tinkle of the steel pan orchestras, the pretty maids all in a row and, ‘fancy mas’ bands, they all take part in competing for Carnival’s top honours. Joyful Grenadians, happily garbed in the costumes of ‘Shortknee’ and ‘Jab Jab’ players.

The Shortknee tradition combines pieces of distant Grenadian history articulated through masks, dance, chants and colourful costumes. Armed with mirrors to reflect their enemies and ankle bells to make music, masqueraders in knee-length pants carry talc powder as they stomp through towns and villages. It’s a grand show that only Grenadians know how to play, and play well! But that shouldn’t stop you from taking part, even if you’re not Grenadian born.

If that’s not daring enough, why not paint yourself black like a Jab Jab reveller, or put red helmets with make-believe horns on their heads, and ‘frighten’ the locals.  The Jab Jab revellers have established a unique rhythmic chant to Carnival.

All this and more, can be part of your Spicemas Experience this summer at the 2012 Spicemas Festival. For more information, visit the official Spicemas website at www.spicemasgrenada.com.

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