Grenada Restaurants

If you’re hungry in Grenada, you’re in luck. There are some great Grenada restaurants to choose from where you can enjoy an assortment of Caribbean delights. Before you head to the Caribbean, be aware of some of the fine dining restaurants in Grenada that you might want to try.

The Aquarium Restaurant at MacaBana

You haven’t dined in tranquilty until you’ve enjoyed fresh seafood or BBQ to the gentle patter of the Aquarium’s indoor waterfall. The island atmosphere is in full effect at this popular Grenadan eatery found in a cave off of Magazine Beach.

Dodgy Dock

True Blue Bay is a must stop destination during your stay in Grenada, and while you’re there, you’ll definitely want to try a meal at the Dodgy Dock restaurant. Delightful fruity cocktails are paired with a full range of Grenadan delights, from conch fritters to coconut lobster, and you’ll enjoy it all with a great view of the boats silently gliding through the water.

Oliver’s Restaurant

If you can make it to the famous Spice Island Resort, definitely try out Oliver’s Restaurant, a seaside restaurant and bar that will delight your senis with a selction of Creole and international dishes, set to classic Caribbean music, calypso, reggae and steel bands.

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