Carib Sushi

The name alone is a bit of a contradiction.  After all the Caribbean is not best known for sushi.  BUT the Caribbean is definitely known for fresh fish.  So put the two together and what do you get?  Carib Sushi, a small, unpretentious but immensely popular little restaurant in Grenada.

Located near Grand Anse Beach in the Marquis Complex, Carib Sushi is essentially a sushi shop with a couple of tables inside and casual open-air seating outside.  But what it lacks in atmosphere and ambiance, it surely makes up for in excellent sushi and sashimi.

Prepared fresh daily by a team of Filipino chefs, the menu features Hosomaki, small roll covered in seaweed, Uramaki, the inside-out roll with rice on the outside, Nigiri – rice balls topped with fish – Sashimi – sliced raw fish – as well as the tried and true tuna tartare, ceviche and calamari salads.  Among the more unusual dishes are the new style sashimi – thinly sliced fish topped with hot oil – the Hajime Tsukemono – minced tuna mixed with rice, wrapped in marinated tuna and served on a cucumber slice – and the Usuzukuri – thin sliced sashimi (lobster or salmon) with onion and oil.

For the undecided one of the ‘combinations’ would be a good choice.  The Grand Mix, consisting of nigiri, hosomaki and sashimi, is particularly satisfying.

But no visit to Carib Sushi would be complete, especially if you have a sweet tooth, without trying the Fried Ice Cream dessert!  A scoop of ice cream, breaded, fried and served with strawberry or chocolate sauce, it is quite delicious.

Saki is naturally the drink of choice with sushi but if your preference is for white wine, here’s tip: try the  Oroya; it’s the surprisingly perfect accompaniment to most choices on the menu.

The quick and efficient service at Carib Sushi makes it just as easy to dine there or take-away and the prices are not over the top.  Dinner for two without wine was EC$135 – with a bottle of wine EC$225 + tip.

Very popular with the students of the St George’s University as well as locals and visitors in the know, Carib Sushi is humming with business in the evenings, so go early.


Wide and varied menu

Authentic sushi

Everything made fresh

Reasonable prices

Shares outdoor seating with La Boulangerie next door

Quick service, knowledgeable staff

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