The Mystique of Nutmeg

The island of Grenada is saturated with Nutmeg trees bearing a fruit resembling an apricot. Inside contains a little nutmeg coated in red mace.

In 1960, a home economics teacher called Sybil La Grenade made the most amazing products in her basement using the spices and fruits of her island. In 1969, Sybil, recognizing the value of research in achieving excellence, quickly forged an alliance with Grenada’s newly-appointed British food chemist and together, they created a masterpiece called Morne Délice Nutmeg Syrup.

A pale nutmeg flavor with a soft finish, and a clean taste are the hallmarks of this syrup. It is simply scrumptious over ice cream, pancakes, fruit salad, or even when used in sweet and sour pork and barbecue chicken. It is also delightful in cocktails and can be mixed with club soda or milk to create shakes and fizzes of all kinds. But for the connoisseurs of nutmeg, De La Grenade Industries makes a liqueur called La Grenade Liqueur, a skillful blend of the Grenada’s finest spices and fresh mountain citrus fruits in a rum base. The original 1773 formula of Captain Louis La Grenade is used in the preparation of La Grenade liqueur. The delicate flavor and delightful aroma make La Grenade Liqueur a favorite after dinner drink. Enjoy straight, on the rocks, in cocktails, over ice cream and desserts, and in the preparation of sauces of all kinds.

The company De La Grenade Industries headed by Sybil’s daughter Dr Cecile La Grenade, has launched the company to be one of the Caribbean’s finest. A food technologist trained in the United States, Cecile effected the transition from cottage to commercial production, and expanded the product range to include more traditional drinks such as seamoss, mauby, and ginger, as well as hot pepper sauce and pepper jelly.

De La Grenade ginger syrup is manufactured from the rhizome of the ginger plant. Ginger is well known in the region to have calming effects when consumed and promotes intestinal health. De La Grenade ginger syrup can be used to make a delightful non-alcoholic beverage, called ginger beer, which is great when mixed with water or club soda. Ginger beer is a popular drink in the Eastern Caribbean and is consumed mostly during the festive Christmas season. De la Grenade Industries also produces the most delicious nutmeg jams and jellies and besides its typical use (on bread), they can also be used on hams and turkeys as a cranberry substitute.

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