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There are few destinations in the world which rival Jamaica. If you haven’t already been to Jamaica, you’ve heard of Jamaica, and it’s presumable that you would like to enjoy a Jamaica vacation. If you have been, you were probably ready to return once you touched down on domestic soil. Jamaica is a popular destination for singles, couples, honeymooners, second honeymooners and families.

Located south of Cuba and west of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Jamaica possesses a landmass that is approximately 50 miles wide and 145 miles in length. It is surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean waters, and steeped in Afro-Carib culture that includes the Rastafarian religious and subculture—a culture that has been injected into western civilization through music, dance and incredible cuisine.

Holidays in Jamaica

There is so much to do in Jamaica, you’ll be best served to opt for a few options. 1.) You can plan ahead. 2.) You can let the island lead you on a path of discovery. 3.) You can do a little bit of both.

You simply won’t get to do it all in a single vacation, unless you decide to really vacate and call the island home for awhile. Consider a few of these activities while you’re in Jamaica.

Jamaican Waterfalls and Rivers

Like many of the Caribbean nations, Jamaica possesses several rivers giving way to beautiful cascades and single waterfalls. Do a little research and you’ll probably find one close to where you’re staying. This will allow for more time spent in the tropical fresh waters provided by the falls, as well as exploring the trails that surround them.

There are also several great ways to explore the rivers in Jamaica. Many choose to float them on a raft or inner tube—another fun and relaxing way to soak in sun.

Swim With the Dolphins

Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios will offer an experience of a lifetime. Swimming with dolphins is no easy task, but it provides for a few incomparable and memorable moments. If you want to build your trip around such an activity, there are several incredible hotels to choose from within Ocho Rios, on the north shore of Jamaica.

Explore Kingston

To get a slice of authentic Jamaican culture, Kingston will immerse you in authenticity, as well as several environments that cater to tourists and international business travelers. It still buzzes as a port city, plays host to the Bob Marley museum, presents dozens of Jamaican restaurants, as well as shopping opportunities that range from low to high dollar. At night, Reggae rhythms fill the air, and the locals cut loose at a variety of clubs offering spirits and live entertainment.

Jamaica Hotels and Resorts

The Jamaican coast is an impressive array of hotels and resorts. Choose from small boutique hotels or boastful, all-inclusive style resorts that provide definitive luxury. Wherever you want to be, you’ll find hotel options: Montego Bay, Rose Hill, Ocho Rios, New Kingston, Irish Town, Negril, Tower Isle—it’s up to you!

Jamaica: A Brief History

Like every island in the Caribbean, Jamaica has been bathed in a variety of European and Amerindian cultures. The Taino-Arawak cultures settled on Jamaica as far back as 4000 BC. The island was first claimed for Spain by Christopher Columbus in 1494, and eventually lost to British rule. Jamaica remained a governed entity of Great Britain until 1958, when it was named a member of the Federation of The West Indies. Jamaica left the federation in 1962, declaring full independence.