Spartan Health Club

Where do you go when you want to run alongside Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, cycle next to Miss Universe 2010 runner up, Yendi Phillipps, stretch next to Miss World 1976, Cindy Breakspeare, weight-train side-by-side international cricket strongman, Christopher Gayle or just be beside yourself with excitement at the possibility of any one of these scenarios’ The Spartan Health Club.

But there’s a catch – ‘you must be a serious fitness buff, or at the very least ‘serious. This gym is not for the faint hearted. Not just about pretty faces and celebrity status, Spartan Health Club is noted as the best equipped gym on the island, complete with hands-on personal trainers who are dedicated, knowledgeable and patient. Spartan’s owners and members alike are serious about long-term health and fitness goals.

And if you’re serious about working out, but not quite the professional athlete, there is space for you too, as the gym is stocked with standard workout tools and members are offered a number of classes including the ever-popular Spinning, Zumba and a host of cardiovascular exercise options. For those who want a more relaxed workout, Yoga and Pilates are also available.

Whether you pay as you gym or you’re in it for the stronghaul, this is one gym membership that won’t go to waste.


9 Lady Musgrave Road,
New Kingston,


876 927 7575


  • Barry is your go-to guy. Personal trainer to the stars, has spent the last 18 years perfecting the bodies of beauty queens such as Lisa Hanna (Miss World 1993) and strengthening world record holders and professional athletes such as Beverly McDonald, Juliet Cuthbert, Bridget Foster and Melanie Walker (track and field); Phil Simmonds and Junior Murray (cricket); Fabian Davis, Ricardo Fuller, Ricardo Gardener and Peppe Goodison (football); Ricardo Lynth (cycling); Victoria Hoo (swimming); Cruelle Ashley (body building); Robert Ching (Golf). Tell him MACO sent you!
  • Lots of parking space ‘ They just added two new parking lots. Remember to look right, left and then right again before crossing the street.
  • Hungry’ Grab a healthy snack before or after your work-out session. Fibre muffins and sandwiches on sale.
  • Left your supplements and protein powders back home’ No worries, there is a wide array of these items on sale as well.


  • Mon-Fri: 5 am – 10 pm
  • Sat: 9 am ‘ 5 pm
  • Sun: 8 am ‘ 4 pm
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