Jamaica Entertainment

Jamaica is a place where tourists and Caribbean locals frequently mix for great times and memories, and Jamaica entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle is built around this philosophy. If you’re ready to enjoy entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle in Jamaica, consider these fun and happening venues.

Tracks & Records

If you’ve been to Jamaica before, here’s something you may not have seen: Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records is a sports bar that takes advantage of the fastest man in the world’s fame to bring tourists and locals into a fun and exciting bar environment where you can enjoy a game on one of the 45 giant flat screen televisions, mingle and party in the over 7000 square foot establishment, or enjoy delicious Jamaican fusion dishes to satisfy your appetite.


If you’re young or young at heart and looking to party, head on over to Asylum after dark, where every night is a new adventure, from a Reggae extravaganza to a wild contest, and yes, occasionally, karaoke, Caribbean style.


In the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston is where you’ll find Mingles, a luxurious disco club featuring reggae, soca and more so you can dance the night away in a fun, upscale atmosphere. Look for the special snack menu on Friday nights.

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