Jamaica Restaurants

Some people travel all over town to get good Jamaican food, so now that you’re actually in Jamaica, take full advantage of the best Jamaican dining restaurants have to offer. You may not get to all the restaurants in Jamaica that you want to on this trip, but here are a few you shouldn’t miss.


The Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall resort in Montego Bay does everything big, and dining is no exception. Whether you’re staying at the Ritz or not, try to get over to Jasmine, for incredible ambiance, delicious dishes like Jamaican pumpkin and carrot soup and five-spice marinated pork loin, and an evening you won’t soon forget.

Redbones the Blues Cafe

If your Jamaican adventure takes you to the city of Kingston, consider stopping by Redbones the Blues Café. If you love great jazz and blues, being surrounded by Spanish colonial architecture, and delicious Jamaican dishes, you’re definitely going to enjoy this delightful spot.

The Terrace

Another Kingston dining spot that’s not to be missed is The Terrace, once known as Norma’s on the Terrace. In the shadow of the famous Devon House, this is a classic Jamaican locale featuring delicious shrimp. lobster, crabmeat, conch and other classic Jamaican delicacies.

Explore Jamaica Restaurants

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