Bite Me – Take a Bite

Trudi Hamilton is the baby of the Hamilton’s Smokehouse family. Hamilton’s Smokehouse, 23 years strong, is hands down the island’s most popular smoke house brand. Now that she’s a big girl, who knows her bratwurst from her Italian sausage from her Jamaican jerk, she’s playing out her dreams of putting her own twist on her family’s business deli-to-go using her family’s vast selection of meats, her partner’s secret sauces, and her baker’s specialty breads.

Have a freshly made sandwich delivered right to your desk, door, boardroom, off site, or set. Schedule a day for your office to receive an assortment of tasty offerings.

Bite Me’s gourmet sandwiches can be as simple or as complex as you can imagine. Have your choice of plain (white, wheat) or specialty breads (cocoa bread, sourdough baguette), piled high with smoke house meats (jerk sausage, honey ham, beef pastrami, chicken ham, jerk sausage). Get picky and request your favorite ingredients (kalamata olive oil, spicy arugula, mint raita, brie, jalapeno jelly, candied nuts).

These are sandwiches that you can eat with a conscience. When you eat a Bite Me sandwich, you buy someone else a sandwich too, as part proceeds go towards the Bite Me weekly feeding program.

Next up. Soups, salads and a full event catering menu. The repertoire includes gourmet groceries (deli meats, cured meats and cheeses), affordable wines and microbrews and other yummy sips like smoothies, lassis and homemade Italian sodas (ginger passion fruit, tangerine lavender, blackberry lemon).

Still undecided’ Take two bagels and call Bite Me again in the morning.

  • Sandwiches start at J$250 and delivery costs J$150 but free delivery on Wednesdays.
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