Just Salads

Tucked in the back of an old bungalow, this exquisite eatery is a truly delightful find. Behind grill bars is a small verandah, with four tables and wrought iron chairs, the mustard concrete floor decorated with cleverly inset broken tiles. The grills are covered in earthy fabrics, and plants complete the rootsy vibe to the dining area. Just inside the house is a black and white tiled reception, where takeaway orders are picked up.

Joan Stone started this wee restaurant in 2007, and although her extremely loyal customers (mostly nearby New Kingston business people) have pleaded with her to expand, she is afraid to lose the charm of her little den. Her aim is to serve customers healthy, yet substantial, salads, and although there is nothing fancy about this joint, the prices are extraordinarily good, and the salads are consistently tantalizing.

The menu is simple: chicken, a white fish such as snapper, and salmon, crab, shrimp or vegetarian options. Each day of the week, Joan changes the marinades and cooking methods, and serves one of the proteins with her signature sides. These are a scrumptious sweet potato salad, which has been seasoned with plump raisins and cinnamon; a precisely al dente pasta salad marinated in olive oil, garlic, chili pepper and herbs; and a mixed garden salad.


44 Lady Musgrave Road,
New Kingston,




  • You want to savor the ambience for a sit-down meal, you’d be wise to pop in either before midday, or after two, and avoid the squeeze.
  • They will deliver for a nominal charge to most areas in Kingston.
  • For those in search of a bit more than just salads, Joan also cooks soup twice a week, a baked vegetarian pasta once, and a hot lunch special on Fridays.

Open Mondays to Fridays 10am-3pm.

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