Jamaica Spas

Now that you’ve finally made it to Jamaica, consider starting off your trip by checking out some of the enticing Jamaica spas. You’ve come to the Caribbean to relax, and spas in Jamaica provide the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Here are two of the finest spas in Jamaica, and there are plenty other luxurious spa opportunity to explore as you make your way through your Caribbean adventure.

Fern Tree

The Fern Tree, a RockResorts Spa at Half Moon, Rose Hall, provides a full 68,000 square feet of refuge from the outside world, with hardwood floors and upscale furnishings leading to rooms surrounded by rich gardens. You can enjoy a treatment room that’s open to the rejuvenating flora or enclosed for privacy as you relax and let the spa professionals massage your cares away.

Ritz-Carlton Spa

Like everything else at the Ritz-Carlton Resort, Rose Hall, the Ritz-Carlton spa provides the ultimate in luxury, with a variety of therapies available in 11 treatment rooms that will make you feel like you’ve taken paradise to the next level. With exotic treatment package names like “One Love One Heart” and “Escape the White Witch,” you know you’re in for an indescribable experience.

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