Fabulous Caribbean Festivals

Caribbean Carnivals and Festivals

You know that the Caribbean is a great vacation spot. What you may not know about is all the fabulous festivals that occur in the Caribbean almost year round. These fabulous festivals are concentrated Caribbean fun, where you’ll get all the culture, food and adventure of the Caribbean right in one spot. Here are some of the fabulous festivals and carnivals in the Caribbean you should try not to miss.

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

The Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is a sight to behold. The “Greatest Show on Earth,” with apologies to PT Barnum, features gaudy costumes, exotic dancing, thrilling music and all day pulse pounding excitement for all.

The Food & Wine and Rum Festival

The Caribbean is legendary for exotic food and delicious rum, so if you have the opportunity to visit the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum (of course) festival, you don’t want to miss it. This gastronomic adventure features a wide variety of seafood and other delights, along with some impressive celebrity chef guests.

Saint Lucia’s Health and Wellness Retreat

There are plenty of ways to take care of yourself in the Caribbean, but if you get the chance to participate in next year’s Health and Wellness Retreat in Saint Lucia, jump all over it. You’ll get to take advantage of yoga classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and advice from celebrity health and wellness experts.

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