Caribbean Family Fun

Caribbean Family Vacations

Although many people think of the Caribbean as a great spot for couples to vacation, there’s plenty of family fun to be had in the Caribbean too. If you’re looking for a family vacation and you haven’t considered the Caribbean, look again, as there are some family fun opportunities here that you and your family will never forget. Here are some great family fun ideas to get you started.

Dolphin Watching

When you’re ready to commune with nature, get out on a boat in the Caribbean for some great dolphin watching. You, your spouse and your kids will love watching these magnificent animals frolic in the warm Caribbean surf, and you might even get to ride with one for a little while for a truly unforgettable experience.


You’ll find some fascinating and exciting natural cave formations in the Caribbean, and some that have been renovated for a one of a kind Caribbean adventure, like Harrison’s Cave in Barbados, which actually has an elevator and a tram so you can really get in there and explore.


While your kids may never tire of mac and cheese, it can be exciting to introduce them to new tastes. It’s a good bet they haven’t tried conch fritters before, and you’ll probably be new to French, Italian and Spanish cuisine with a distinctly Caribbean flavor. You’ll never run out of new taste sensations to explore in the Caribbean.

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