Mr. Signature 7602 – Photographer Derrys Ajani Richardson

Photographer Derrys Ajani Richardson brings you vivid snapshots as though they were stills straight from real life. So insanely bold are his photographs that he’s made a name for himself rather quickly.  The former graphic designer had had enough of instructing photographers as to the types of shots that he was looking for so he set out to capture his vision the way he saw it.  Self taught has never looked so good and if you don’t want to take our word for it, take billionaire Richard DeVos owner of the Orlando Magic and astronaut John Glenn aside and ask them about their portrait sessions while on Anguilla for vacation.

Derrys has used the likes of Gordon parks as inspiration to guide his work and the results have been down right awesome. Texture, tone, photocomposition, all on point, in non photographer terms, your shots will be full of intrigue, they’ll have just the right colour balance and there will be that umph of je ne sais quoi to them. His shots are worth a thousand words; actually scratch that because if you’re one of his bridal clients these pictures will be so breathtaking they’ll probably leave you speechless.

His favorite types of photos to take are portrait and fashion shots but on an island where destination weddings are turning over faster than hot bread he has his hands full with wedding assignments. That’s no problem as he’s extremely creative when it comes to wedding photography. He uses what we like to call a documentary style approach to his work. Rarely will you find posed shots in his collection (unless of course requested) but if you let his creative genius take over he composes the narrative to your big day. He’s especially good at getting glamorous shots out of the chaos that ensues right before the ceremony. So while you’re panicking, and can’t believe that you’re about to sign your life over to your significant other he somehow captures that vulnerability and makes it translate to something incredible to watch in print.

What sets Derrys apart here is his flair for candid shots, knack for finding color and his ability to spot beauty that the normal eye has overlooked, which is exactly what you want to take away from your island getaway.

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