Chrishi Beach Club

Off the road on one of the loveliest beaches in Nevis is Chrishi Beach.  Owned by Norwegian husband and wife, Hedda and Christian Wienpahl, the casually chic club feels just right in the Caribbean.

In a wooden pavilion on the sand, everything is painted stark white, with pops of red and sea blue. White beds on the beach with palm fronds shading the midday sun beckon for a nap or a sunset cocktail. Dining tables all have views of St. Kitts and the channel, perfect for liming in the afternoon with Euro house music.

Cocktails are plentiful, as well as a crisp, cold rose’ wine for lunch.  For non-alcoholic beverages, try the fresh fruit smoothies or Peardrella with lime, a sparkling pear soda from St. Kitts.

Food here is fresh and interesting, especially if you are craving salads.  Hedda’s Salad has grilled asparagus, roasted peppers, goat cheese, hearts of palm, and pistachios over mixed local greens tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette. There is also a warm Thai coriander beef salad over rice nudles (Norwegian spelling) for heartier appetites. If we could all look as gorgeous as Hedda and Christian, we would eat this way everyday.

Burgers and sandwiches always prevail, but here the presentation is clean and modern. On a minimalist plate sits the burger and all the trimmings, accompanied by a bottomless pail of thin, crispy fries, garnished with star fruit. Another favorite is the French baguette with homemade pesto, sliced pear, Parma ham, and brie.

People come here not only to eat, but also to spend time on the beach.  Families are welcome, and everyone seems to get in the groove with the tempo set by the music. The Wienpahls are great party planners, so the beat will step up at sunset, and there’ll be dancing on the beach.

  • End the meal with a Nespresso coffee and fresh carrot cake, served warm with a sugar glaze.
  • Don’t want to leave your beach chair’ They’ll come to you with drinks and  food.
  • Friday nights are movie and pizza night. Build your own ultra-thin with shrimp, pesto, and goat cheese, and wonder who cast Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as cinematic love interests.
  • Check out their chic Zenith Beach House development on the property, and own a sleek getaway home on Cades Bay.
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