Mnandi Bakery

Several small restaurants on Nevis are serving exceptional breads and pastries. And the source of all that deliciousness is the same: Annelise.

This hidden chef is found in a most unlikely place: a supermarket.

Tucked behind the cashiers at Superfoods is a mini kitchen giving out aromas of yeast and warm sugar. With a long communal table covered in bright oilcloth, savvy folks are eating breakfast.  

This small space houses the Mnandi Bakery, and South African owner Annelise Leibbranddt. ‘Mnandi’ is from the Xhosa tribal dialect, and means ‘tasty; nice’.  And everything coming from that oven is ‘mnandi’.

Annelise began a career in baking while traveling through Wales. After enrolling and graduating from pastry school, she acquired a position in a fine-dining restaurant, and ultimately married the chef, Mark Roberts. To escape the Welsh weather, they snagged jobs as a husband and wife culinary team at Montpelier Plantation in Nevis for 10 years.

No longer married, Annelise still bakes Mark’s hamburger buns for Double Deuce, and supplies baguettes and carrot cake to Chrishi Beach, as well as other Nevis restaurants.

Watching her hands knead the dough with care and strength, you feel the passion in what she creates.  And the flavors confirm that.  Pecan pie is thick and buttery, with heaps of nuts floating to the top. Dense Brazilian chocolate cake has a hint of coffee, covered with rich chocolate ganache.

Locals know the weekly specials schedule and arrive by lunchtime to snag their favorites. And if there is a bit of wait on the ovens, they drink a cup of Rooibos bush tea, and chat with the chef. One luxe villa owner says she wouldn’t think of welcoming guests without a warm loaf of Annelise’s wheat bread waiting on her kitchen counter.

  • Thursdays are Quiche Day. Try the rich salmon or bacon and cheese quiche, warm from the ovens. Served by the slice, or call to order an entire quiche to take back to your villa.
  • Cheesies (a local expat favorite) are like flaky croissants stuffed inside and out with melted white cheddar cheese and exceptionally tasty.
  • Ask Annelise why she has drag racing trophies atop the baking ovens. Yes, she is a winner there too, in the men’s racing class.
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