The Spa at Four Seasons Resort – Nevis

Breathe in deeply as you enter The Spa at Four Seasons Resort, Nevis, and exhale any tension you are carrying. You have stepped into a sanctuary devoted to releasing all that.

Deciding which luscious treatment to enjoy could prove difficult. Many treatments feature natural island elements, such as sea salt and cane sugar.  But once you make up your mind, put yourself in the hands of capable staff, and begin the journey to relaxation, Nevis style.

You will be guided to a plush dressing room. Slip into a swimsuit, oversized terry robe, and stroll to the outdoor hydrotherapy circuit. Tucked into a secluded corner of the garden is the al fresco stone jacuzzi with waterfall. Position that stiff neck under the warm falling waters, and the therapy will begin. This is only the first step to unwinding.

Limp with relaxation, you recline on a chaise and rehydrate with a glass of cool citrus water. When your energy returns, move on to the ‘Sala’ cold plunge pool. This Japanese-inspired treatment cools any sunburned parts immediately and stimulates circulation. Taking the icy plunge is definitely for the brave, but feels so good coming out, you won’t want to move past the lounge deck where you can gaze at Mount Nevis. This is a postcard view, and well worth taking time to enjoy.

Soon enough, your therapist will come fetch you and lead you into one of the gingerbread cottage treatment rooms. With the sound of water cascading through an old copper sugar pot, you will enjoy such signature treatments as The Rum Tonic, a sugar exfoliation followed by a glaze of rum and Nevis honey to smooth the skin. Or bring your partner for an afternoon couples’ aphrodisiac massage, highlighted with sexually stimulating oils and champagne afterwards at the Sala Pool. This is love in the afternoon.


Four Season Resort,
Pinneyâ’s Beach,
Saint Kitts and Nevis


  • Bring your swimsuit and give yourself 30-45 minutes before your appointment to enjoy the spa’s garden facilities. Or take a little time after your treatment. Linger.
  • This full-service sanctuary pampers with a full menu of facials, body wraps, massages, nail services, and wedding makeup and hair services.
  • Want to have your massage by the sea’ No problem, a little advance notice and the Spa will set you up in one of the wooden bungalows seaside, the sound of gently breaking waves surrounding.
  • Find yourself alone while your mate is on the golf course’ Treat yourself to the Golf Widow spa package, and four hours later you’ll glow with relaxation.


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