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Located in the eastern Caribbean, part of the Lesser Antilles, St. Lucia provides a unique vacation experience for visitors. Many Caribbean islands are the surface peaks of impressive underwater ridges, however, St. Lucia is volcanic in nature, making for beautiful and varied landscapes. These landscapes provide picturesque surroundings, as well as a gateway for the adventurous spirit.

It is accurate to state that waters from the Caribbean and Atlantic can be found splashing along the coastlines of St. Lucia. With peaks that rise from sea level to over 3,000 feet in elevation, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring beauty in St. Lucia.

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Regardless of the calendar year, there is so much to do and enjoy while on a St. Lucia vacation. This includes the St. Lucia Carnival, which takes place in mid-July, as well as other religious and national holiday celebrations, which take place throughout the year.

St. Lucia Carnival

For many years, the St. Lucia Carnival was held at the same time as Trinidad and Tobago. While St. Lucia offers a unique flair for their own annual celebration, it could not compete in magnitude with the islands so much closer to South American mainland. Therefore, in 1999, St. Lucia decided Carnival would be moved to mid-July. And if you’re making plans to visit during the summer, consider this the reason why you should choose July.

Drive Into a Volcano

When you visit St. Lucia, how about a leisurely drive into a volcano’ St. Lucia possess the only volcano in the world where you can “drive in” and explore the incredible geologic activity. The sulfur springs emit a distinct odor that suggest a lot more going on under your feet that you might ever realize.

Zip-Lines, Trekking, Bouldering and Rock Climbing

Are you an adventurist at heart’ Do you live and love to try it all’ There are several great zip-line opportunities on St. Lucia, as well as trails to hike, bike or enjoy via Jeep. If you’re a climber, bring some of your simple gear and find some great bouldering locations. There are also many local guides who will lead treks to the top of Mt. Gimie, the highest point on the island, offering incredible panoramic views.

St. Lucia Hotels and Lodging

There are a variety of St. Lucia hotels to choose from, ranging in cost and amenities. Unlike many Caribbean islands, St. Lucia hotels are often set in lush, mountainous surroundings, with beaches a mere stone’s throw from the front doors. A few fine examples: Discovery at Marigot Bay; Ti Kaye Village Resort & Spa; and for a unique and most memorable experience set in the lap of luxury, The Jalousie Plantation.

St. Lucia: A Brief History

St. Lucia was discovered within the early expeditions of Spain. Historians believing that the first landing took place in either 1492 or 1502. Regardless, the landscape was mountainous and harsh—one requiring a lot of effort to settle. Therefore, it wasn’t a prized location like many of the other Caribbean islands with more accessible topography. France eventually colonized on the island, only to lose it to Great Britain with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. St. Lucia remains a locally governed, British Commonwealth.