Island Divers

Island Divers at Ti Kaye Village Resort hits the right note for both the veteran and the novice diver. Island Divers boasts one of the most convenient, beautiful locales for diving on island. Situated at Anse Cochon on the west coast, it is a veritable Disney park of diving treasures, including a fabulous shore dive and an offshore wreck dive.

Location is one thing that sets Island Divers apart, but it would be unfair to cite that as its only appeal. Island Divers is unmatched for friendly, competent and professional service. This diving outfit takes the nervous diver firmly in hand and puts to rest any anxieties. The petite dive shop manager, Jem, is small but fearless and an excellent instructor and guide. In fact, seeing Jem harness up and kit out, lofting her tanks up on her back as though they were nothing heavier than a back-pack, will shame the apprehension right out of you.

All of the best dive sites on the island are easily accessible. Not far away are some of the more popular dives, such as the famous Pinnacles, sea mounts that rise from the depths to within a few feet of the surface, and the Anse Chastanet plateau which drops from five to 25 feet to a breathtaking 140 feet.

However, you don’t have to wander too far afield to get in some great dives. Island Divers has one of the few shore dives on the island, super for first timers who are anxious about jumping overboard with all that equipment. For more experienced divers, the bay is also home to the Lesleen M wreck, a 165-foot freighter that was sunk in 1986 to encourage marine flora and fauna. You’ll feel like Jacques Cousteau traversing unchartered territory as you explore the hull of this old wreck, covered in soft corals and sponges and filled with moray eels and reef fish.

  • Fully outfitted with state of the art Mares equipment and offering the full range of courses accredited by PADI, this is one of the island’s best dive outfits.
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