St. Lucia Entertainment

Save some energy when you’re enjoying your day in St. Lucia, because St. Lucia entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle venues offer just as much fun as a day of hiking or hanging out on the beach. When you’re ready to sample the great entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle in St. Lucia, here are some places to go.


Great seafood and great late night fun is the mission of Delrius, one of St. Lucia’s most entertaining night life spots. The food is fresh, the bar is hopping, the drinks are tasty and powerful, not to mention served by an award-winning bartender, and the music is fantastic.

Shamrocks Pub

If you’re feeling a little homesick for your classic Irish pub, head over to Shamrocks Pub in Rodney Bay, an Irish-style pub right in the heart of St. Lucia that gets just as rowdy and fun as your favorite Irish watering hole back home.

De Kornah Ba’

Another hot St. Lucia spot where great food meets great fun, right in the middle of the Gross Islet Village, which is where just about all the good action happens in St. Lucia after dark. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself; but make sure you’ve got a ride back to your hotel for when the night is over.

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