De Kornah Ba’

This is the kind of place where you can really enjoy the laid-back, casual Caribbean vibe without any pretension. Situated smack dab in centre of the Gros Islet village, De Kornah Ba’ affords the best views of all the activity, which isn’t much during the day, but by night, oh my, Gros Islet is the place to be.

This is especially so on Friday nights when the otherwise quiet fishing village becomes animated with its long-standing street party. Thronging crowds, thumping music, air saturated with energy, and the streets come alive. And there is no better place from which to watch it all than De Kornah Ba’.

If all it provided were a relatively detached maco balcony, that would be one thing, but De Kornah Ba’ also serves up some great grub at seriously good prices. The menu is simple but the offerings delicious, an essential trick in making sure things are consistent in a high turnover place like this. Excellent fries and a surprisingly good salad accompany food from the grill’ribs, fish, chicken and steak. All dressings and sauces are home-made.

  • De Kornah Ba’ is also open for lunch from Tuesday to Sunday 12-2 pm and for dinner from 6 pm.
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