The Ultimate Friday Night Lime

If you go home after a long day and sit in front of the TV, chances are that you aren’t going to move until you stir bleary-eyed and drool-stained to find it dark outside. But if you stop in for a quick shower, throw on your lime-wear and hit the town to grab some grub, you could easily find yourself dancing on the countertops at Delirius by midnight.

Ginette’s, a modest roadside joint in Monchy, is a great example of democracy at work. Grown men are reduced to little boys, clamoring for Ginette’s favor as she pulls a choice cut of garlic lambi off the coals. Hang out at the picnic benches and engage in all limers’ favorite past-time: the art of ‘old talk,’ bantering about everything and nothing at all. Wash down dinner with a Piton or a Chairman’s and Coke and consider your stomach primed for a night of partying.

De Kornah Bar is smack dab in the middle of the Gros Islet street party zone, and its corner veranda is a coveted maco-ing (or people-watching) vantage. You get a platform view of the fray, great drink specials, and if the lambi wasn’t enough, pretty good food. Voyeurism has its kicks, but the real fun is out there with everyone else. So get off your perch, join the skirmish and let the rhythm take hold of you.

After the street party, you will find Delirius a decidedly different vibe: trendy, international and populated with the beautiful people. DJs mix crowd-pleasing hits and the cocktails are colorful, fun and a little dangerous. (This is where the countertop dancing comes in.)

What’ You’re hungry again’ Okay, stumble up the street from Delirius about 100 yards and line up for the fried chicken lady or the jerk pork guy. Don’t worry, the calories don’t count if you can’t remember eating them.

Bringing a big night to the perfect end is a true art form. You are still wired, not quite ready to call it a night (though the birdsong suggests dawn is on its way) and all the bars are putting their rubbish curbside. What to do’ Well, a sunrise swim is as good a call as any. Kick off your party shoes and hit the beach at Reduit. This is the real baptism of a good Friday night.

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