The Coal Pot Restaurant

Every day, local fishermen bring their boats right up to the Coal Pot restaurant to sell their catch and the chef, Xavier Ribot, wades out ankle deep to get the best.

That’s the signature of the restaurant’using simple, fresh Caribbean ingredients to create a fusion French menu. The food is never over the top but well-seasoned with fresh herbs (lots of cilantro) and is well presented. Coal Pot staples include barracuda, kingfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado, lobster and snapper, served with a choice of five or six sauces. While the restaurant is famous for its fish, the menu includes duck breast, beef tenderloin, lamb filet and callaloo soup. (Lunch is not available on Saturdays.)

There is also nothing formal about the ambiance which is casual and chic. The open-air structure with walls of wood and stone is decorated with the colorful artwork of Chef Xavier’s wife, Michelle Elliot.

Chef Xavier and Michelle own and run the restaurant which they took over from Michelle’s parents, Robert and Sonia Elliot, who ran it for about 30 years. The simple-is-best philosophy has attracted visiting ambassadors and the rich and famous, including Britain’s Princess Anne and former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau. Actors Hayley Mills and Morgan Freeman and comedian Chris Rock have also dined there.

Chef Xavier, who is originally from Grenoble in the French Alps, worked in Switzerland and England before coming to Saint Lucia. He likes to say he was doing fusion before it became trendy and every time he travels, he looks at how people cook so he can incorporate fresh ideas into his menu.

  • One of the best tables is table number one, ‘next to the Boat’
  • Guests can order their “dish to go” literally! They can choose from the different designs and take home the plate designed by Michelle Elliot.
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