St. Lucia Spas

St. Lucia is a prime destination for letting your cares fly away, and the best way to do that may be by taking advantage of St. Lucia spas. When you’re ready for the ultimate in pampering, look into these options for spas in St. Lucia.

Health and Wellness Retreat

If you can get the timing right, you’ll definitely want to attend St. Lucia’s annual Health and Wellness retreat. It’s a full weekend dedicated to cleansing your body and mind with yoga, daily spa treatments and more, with your therapy overseen by health and wellness experts.

Soleil Spa

For a staff of internationally trained therapists, exotic ingredients like volcanic ash and China clay, and an amazing hot tub, head to the Soleil Spa at The Landings, where you’ll enjoy a variety of decadent treatments to refresh your body and soul.

Ti Kaye Village Resort & Spa

If you like your relaxation in a secluded, out of the way spot that’s still rife with great ocean views and Caribbean charm, take advantage of the spa at Ti Kaye, which features two Balinese masseuses and a clear wall allowing you to enjoy the ocean view as all of your cares are worked away.

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