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Tobago is a Caribbean-Atlantic island, most often referred to as The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. While the two islands are separate, Trinidad and Tobago are governed together, comprising two of the most popular destinations off the coast of South America. The name Tobago deserves credit for offering the English language its modern spelling of tobacco. The lush landscape, rich soil and picturesque surroundings have been perfect for growing many things, including a fully blossoming tourism industry.

Located northeast of Trinidad, the smaller Tobago is a beautiful, mountainous setting, with hills and peaks that thrust skyward from the shores. The island culture is rich with Amerindian influence, as well as African influence. Most contemporary residents are of African descent. The official languages of the island are English and Tobago Creole.

Tobago Accommodations

Tobago hospitality makes it a wonderful destination for couples looking for a romantic destination, as well as groups and families looking for adventure and a premium version of rest and relaxation. There are several beachfront hotels and resorts to choose from in Tobago, as well as hillside and forest-canopied villas and bungalows. Your desires will lead you to a perfect option, whether for 2, 4 or group getaway.

Holidays in Tobago

When vacationing in the Caribbean, or on any tropical island, there is always the option to do nothing but enjoy the natural beauty, while sipping drinks with your toes in the sand; however, if you long for a little adventure and sightseeing, you’ll find Tobago to be quite accommodating.

Argyle Falls

There is something about a waterfall that is captivating and awe-inspiring. Argyle Falls is a popular destination in Tobago—a series of waterfalls stream into large pools, followed by a cascade of falls into smaller pools. Hike the falls, bathe in the pools, have a swim or simply admire their beauty.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Tobago’s Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest forest reserve in the western hemisphere. In 1776, 4,000 acres were protected for conservation, study and to retain the natural landscape. There are several trails that run through the rainforest, putting Tobago’s beautiful flora and fauna on display. The reserve can be enjoyed for a couple of hours or explored for days.

Flying Fish of Tobago

One thing that is incredibly unique to Tobago and Barbados is particular species of fish that can fly. These fish possess elongated fins which serve as gliders. There is no guarantee to see a flying fish when you visit Tobago, but a boat tour with an expert–at the right time of year–and you might be afforded a vision that you will never forget!

Tobago: A Brief History

Tobago possessed an ancient history of Amerindian cultures before the first settlers began to cultivate the island in the 1600s. Over the next 150 years, the island changed hands 33 times between a large contingency of European nations. It finally fell under British rule in 1814. In 1889 Tobago joined Trinidad as a British Crown Colony. In 1962 the islands became an independent British Commonwealth, transitioning to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago